about zazen

What is zen?

The practice of Zen means practice of the right meditation, zazen.. Master Dogen said of zazen: "The zazen of which I speak of does not mean that one should learn how to meditate, it is nothing but the dharma of peace and practice, the practice/realization of true enlightenment. Zazen is manifestation of profound reality " Sitting with the legs crossed in an upright position, focused on the posture and breathing, body and soul in unity, the true original spirit . Illusions is cut off and egotism diminishes. A feeling for compassion emerges.

Zazen is practiced at the following hours.
Monday to Friday 06.30
Wednesday 19.00
Friday 19.00
Saturday 09.30

Introduction on Wednesdays at 18.00 (information and a short practice of zazen)

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